Robert Fisk's Articles on Kosovo

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The bloody truth of how Nato changed the rules to win a 'moral war' in Yugoslavia, 7 February 2000

Journalists must always fight spin, 17 January 2000

No time for forgiveness in a land of division, 30 November 1999

Serbia settles scores with Danube's bombed bridges, 28 November 1999

The Trojan horse that 'started' a 79-day war, 26 November 1999

Milena's story, 25 November 1999

Serbs murdered by the hundred since 'liberation', 24 November 1999

Serb ministry of truth studies the artful lies of war, 23 November 1999

US 'lost count of uranium shells fired in Kosovo', 22 November 1999

Nato turns a blind eye as scores of ancient Christian churches are reduced to rubble, 20 November 1999

Exposed: The deadly legacy of Nato strikes in Kosovo, 4 October 1999

I'd like to believe Nato that depleted uranium is harmless. But I don't. And this is why..., 4 October 1999. About effect of depleted uranim after the Gulf War read one older Fisk's article from October 1998.

Taken in by the Nato line, 29 June 1999

Nato storms into Kosovo, 13 June 1999

Kosovo Peace Deal: Farcical end to a tragic war 13 June 1999

I shall call her Nartila..., 11 June 1999

Serbia's leader lingers on in silence, 6 June 1999

What is the point of Nato?, 13 May 1999 (Originally entitled 'An Atlantic alliance that has brought us to this catastrophe should be wound up').

Radio hams hear death calling from 23,000ft, 25 April 1999

War In The Balkans: 'Once you kill people because you don't like what they say, you change the rules of war', 24 April 1999

On an unreal bus ride, a Serb weeps for the dead, 18 April 1999

This atrocity is still a mystery to Nato. Perhaps I can help..., 17 April 1999

War in the Balkans: 'Collateral damage' lies dying in a shattered Belgrade hospital, 14 April 1999

Just another day of dread (bombing of civilian houses in Aleksinac), 11 April 1999

We have lost this foolish war, 5 April 1999

Blasted Serb HQs burn just yards from baby hospital, 4 April 1999

`God will not forgive the Americans for this', 4 April 1999

Funeral in Novi Sad, 24 June 1999

Serb army 'unscathed by Nato', 21 June 1999

How fake guns and painting the roads fooled Nato, 21 June 1999

Was it rescue or revenge?, 21 June 1999

Shot dead by the Paras: policeman who said no, 14 June 1999

Liberation of Kosovo - Hatred flows free as troops roll in, 14 June 1999

The Balkan Agreement - Serbs start the bitter retreat, 11 June 1999

War in The Balkans: Serb shrine foretells the awful destiny to come, 10 June 1999

In this dark land, liberation can only end in more bloodshed, 9 June 1999

Army told Milosevic 'You can't surrender', 8 June 1999

War in The Balkans: Belgrade's new bunker mentality, 2 June 1999

War in The Balkans: Nato calls the bombing of a hospital collateral damage. I call it a tragedy, 1 June 1999

War in the Balkans: 'It all went very well,' said the general. 'Another effective day', 15 May 1999 (bombing a convoy of refugees near Prizren).

Unmoved by tragedy, Nato sends its regrets, 3 May 1999 (bombing of a bus).

War in the Balkans: 'Nato came by night, and God at dawn', 1 May 1999

War in The Balkans: It's spring in Belgrade, so could the first signs of a truce be in the air?, 28 April 1999

War in The Balkans: City where everything has become degraded, 26 April 1999

War in The Balkans: Air strikes start to get personal, 22 April 1999

Serbs stirred by memory of their Kosovo exodus, 19 April 1999

War in The Balkans: The civilians pay in blood, 15 April 1999

War in The Balkans: Men of God receive their call-up papers, 12 April 1999

War in the Balkans: In Serbia, too, the ordinary people feel the suffering and agony of war, 10 April 1999

War in the Balkans: Truth is dying in the ruins of silent capital , 9 April 1999

War in The Balkans: Proud? No, but there's still defiance in the air, 8 April 1999

War in The Balkans: 'The skyline was rimmed with black smoke', 5 April 1999

War in The Balkans: Belgrade displays its own casualties of the battle, 2 April 1999

Into a peasant village, falls a hi-tech, 29 March 1999

The night the sky caught fire, 28 March 1999

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