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The Official Gazette of Democratic Federative Yugoslavia
Resolutions of the National Committee for the Liberation of Yugoslavia - 153

The temporary ban on the return of colonists to their former place of residence

Recently it has been observed that, without the approval of the people`s authorities, the families of colonists (settlers) have been returning to and moving back to places where they were earlier settled, in Macedonia, Kossovo, Metohia, Srem and Vojvodina.

Since this brings harm to the colonists themselves because it exposes them to difficulties and unnecessary expense and since the conditions for their return to their earlier place of residence are still not met, with regard to all of the foregoing and in order to save the settlers a wasted journey and unnecessary expense

I have resolved:

1. that the return of colonists to their previous place of abode be temporarily not permitted, that they stay where they are now and that the National Liberation Committees will continue to offer them every assistance;

2. since the issue will be decided by special decree, those concerned will be promptly informed as to who can move to which area and when.

No. 343, March 5th 1945, Belgrade

Vlada Zecevic
Commissar of Internal Affairs

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