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American Vision : The Films of Frank Capra UWSLY  Carney, Raymond/ Carney, Ray $ 19.95
Italian and Irish Filmakers in America : Ford, Capra, Coppola, and Sco UTEMP Lourdeaux, Lee $ 18.95
Frank Capra : Authorship and the Studio System (Culture and the Moving UTEMP Sklar, Robert (Edt)/ Zagarrio, Vito (Edt) $ 18.95
Hollywood Renaissance : The Cinema of Democracy in the Era of Ford, Capra  UCMBR Girgus, Sam B. $ 59.95
Master Space : Film Images of Capra, Lubitsch, Sternberg, and Wyler GRNWD Bowman, Barbara $ 45.00
American Madness : The Life of Frank Capra KNOPF McBride, Joseph 入手不可
American Vision, the Films of Chaplin Ford Capra and Wells 1936 1941 AYERP Maland, Charles 入手不可
Examination of Narrative Structure in Four Films of Frank Capra AYERP Rose, Brian G. $ 18.95
Hollywood Professionals : Capra, Cukor OAKTR Estrin, Allen 入手不可
American Vision : The Films of Frank Capra UCMBR Carney, Ray 入手不可
Another Frank Capra (Cambridge Studies in Film) UCMBR Poague, Leland $ 59.95
Frank Capra : The Catastrophe of Success TOUBK McBride, Joseph 入手不可
Frank Capra (Twayne's Theatrical Arts) TWAYN Maland, Charles J. $ 16.95
Frank Capra TWAYN Maland, Charles J. 入手不可
The Films of Frank Capra STUAR Secaucus, N.J. 入手不可
The Complete Films of Frank Capra CITAD Scherle, Victor/ Turner-Levy, William  $ 17.95
The Films of Frank Capra SCARE Willis, Donald C. 入手不可
Meet John Doe : Frank Capra, Director/Charles Wolfe, Editor URUTG Wolfe, Charles (Edt) $ 15.00
Frank Capra : A Guide to References and Resources HALGK Wolfe, Charles 入手不可
The Name Above the Title : An Autobiography VINTA Capra, Frank 入手不可