Besides 3D shooter of DOOM system, we are being devoted to various games! So, we collected the illustrations that we drew. Please see them fully!
The hero of BLOOD
In many DOOM system games, since 'BLOOD' is preeminent for a feeling of bleeding, or a feeling of fear, its evaluation as horror is high. He is the hero. 
In fact, this man is the zombie who revived from the graveyard. For revenge into the evil spirit religious group who killed him, he is fighting constantly.
Incidentally, what he is establishing in both hands are flare pistols lit when the mark is hit.
The surroundings of his eyes are black. It is the shadow of  a hat and is not a mask like Zorro.
He is the hero of 'Crusader'. The game is a masterpiece DOS game of Windows 3.1 time. 

He belonged to the fighting forces of the bad huge company WEC from the first, but he failed in a rebel army's repression strategy duty. Since he became likely to be executed by WEC, he goes over to a rebel army side, and is fighting with WEC. 

Seemingly 'Silencer' is the name of the rebellion repression unit of the meaning 'those who makes it become silent' rather than this man individual's name. However as his name, after he passes, nobody who can talk remains. 
However, the crimson silencer who walks in the building of WEC of a quarter view is rather pretty and very faithful more than stylish or brave.

From ZPC
From 'Vampire Hunter'
From 'Daikatana'